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  About The Rhapsody Players

As The Rhapsody Players begin their ninth season in January 2015, these artists will have performed in over 65 Fundraisers to date in churches and schools for such crucial fundraising efforts as for Sandy Relief, the Dynamite Youth Center, Boy Scouts of America's "Military Postage Fund," and for pediatric cancer awareness. In 2013, The Rhapsody Players were presented a Congressional Award of Recognition for their service to community.

Who are The Rhapsody Players?
The Rhapsody Players is a group of performing artists who have brought to life many characters in local and regional musical theater. Our artists have established their roots in various companies such as Narrows Community Theater, Rockaway Theater Company, Kaleidoscope Theatre Company, RadioTheatre, Regina Opera and Brooklyn One Theater. As our vocalists expand their depth and maturity as performing artists, so, too, this list grows.

In early 2006, seven vocalists — Eileen Monahan, John Heffernan, Colleen Martin-O'Donnell, Anthony Marino, Kevin Sweeney, Donna Heffernan and Kiernan Hamilton — united by their talent and social awareness, were eager to support their local community through various fundraisers for churches and schools. John Heffernan assumed the role of "producer" and in true theatre tradition, constructed and organized individual programs of music that have run the gamut of Gershwin to Bacharach. In 2012, The Rhapsody Players welcomed Bernard Smith to the vocal ensemble.

As noted in the PAST SHOWS segment of this website, their first season provided such memorable shows such as BROADWAY MELODIES, EVERYTHING GERSHWIN, BROOKLYN: A BRIDGE TO MUSIC. All of which were well-received and most often concluded with ovations and encores. The delightful mix of layered harmonies and exceptional musical craftsmanship, which began under the musical direction of Elliot Sneider, has created the signature "Rhapsody" sound. As The Rhapsody Players continue to develop their musical craft, they are hoping you will share the journey.

The Rhapsody Players are a 501(c)(3) status as a tax exempt public charity and accept donations to further the charities and events we support.





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