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  Meet Donna Heffernan...
  Continuing the musical tradition set forth by her brother, Donna is an established singer/songwriter, actor and graphic designer. She has held prominent roles in previous off-off Broadway productions and is a company member in Kaleidoscope Theatre Company and RadioTheatre in Manhattan. Donna has studied at the Dalcroze School of Eurythmics at The Juilliard School of Music, prefaced by time at Fordham University at Lincoln Center. Of late, she is studying with Seth Barrish at The Barrow Group. Her professional actor studies have included The American Globe Theatre with John Basil, the nationally-acclaimed Shakespeare & Company with Dennis Krausnick, as well as the apprenticeship of the Michael Chekhov acting method, under the superior talent of Joanna Merlin, Mala Powers, Lenard Petit and Ragnar Freidank. A contributing songwriter and vocalist for The Songs of Love Foundation, Donna has been a session vocalist for both Sony Music and Universal Publishing. She has performed with the French-American Conservatory of Music at Carnegie Hall under the auspices of both Conductor Jean-Pierre Schmitt and her voice teacher, soprano Jane Askins. Donna is most notably featured as a voice-over actor in both local and national radio and television roles.

Photo: Nicole Marino




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